Is This You?

You Are a Small or Medium Sized Business That Wants To:

  • Avoid an Expensive Computer Network Upgrade?
  • Lower and Control Your IT Support Expenses?
  • Get Out of the IT Business for Good?
  • Improve Your Computer Network Security?
  • Experience 95% Fewer IT Support Complaints?
  • Access Your Business Network Anytime, Anyplace using Any Device?

We know, it just sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? In fact, we just heard that recently during a remote web conference from a company we’re planning a computer cloud network for. They’re struggling with over a dozen PCs with multiple Microsoft Windows servers and a lot of problems. We know how this works. There’s the initial concern, having to deal with the changes the cloud represents, and even if they are all good, it’s still change.

Small and Medium Business Networks That Just Plain Work

But once they arrive on the cloud, as we’ve found time and time again, they become the best cloud proponents we could ask for as now they’re experiencing all of the benefits listed above. In short order, our clients are soon taking the fact that their cloud network just plain works, for granted. They take for granted that their software runs like it should. That all updates and security patches are managed and handled remotely, out of sight and out of the way of their workflow. That IT support problems are fixed before they become a hindrance to productivity. Yes, it is indeed almost too good to be true, but true it is, all of it.

Shift the Risk to Computer Cloud Network, the IT Provider You Can Trust

In a nutshell a Computer Cloud Network represents a shifting of risk. Think about it, every time you invest in a server or PC you’re at risk once that warranty runs out. And some will attest that you’re at risk even before that warranty runs out as there’s a lot of work involved maintaining it and getting something repaired under those circumstances. With Computer Cloud Network you shift that risk, that burden, onto our shoulders. This frees you to focus on the business of building your business.

Get Your Free Cloud Readiness Assessment Today

Do what so many other businesses have done and take the time to contact us about receiving all the benefits of a free Cloud Readiness Assessment. You’ll get a valuable report that gives you a snapshot of your current network plus an analysis of what the true cost of ownership (TCO) of that network is. Plus you’ll get a cloud solution specifically designed to fulfill your computing needs and vault you into the future of business computing. And don’t forget, every Computer Cloud Network we install is installed for free with no upfront cost. You’re under no obligation, call or email us today!

Don't just listen to us! Listen to our Customers:

Our million dollar patents are 100% secure and encrypted. – 2

We do a lot of scientific research and develop patents that could be worth millions of dollars. This data must be totally secure, kept offsite and backed up. We’ve been with Computer Cloud Network since 2007 and we have never ever had a single security issue… period.

Robert Hansen
Fused Armor, Inc.

77% Less electricity and greenhouse gases is like a cherry on top. – 1

The idea that these little devices are greener, help reduce our use of electricity and reduce greenhouse gases is like a cherry on top… it’s a real plus.

Rob Debnam
Robert’s of Portland