Your Office In The Cloud

Computer Cloud Network offers a hosted computer network for small business that is 100% customizable, easy to use, and secure.
  • Imagine having your computer network always accessible from anywhere in the world, using any device.
  • Imagine having your corporate applications, email and data secure yet highly accessible.
  • Imagine it being backed up every 15 minutes and highly available, so it's never down?
Sounds too good to be true?  Not anymore. 12 Benefits to Having Your Office In The Cloud When you choose to move your office computer network to a hosted computer cloud network, you’ll enjoy benefits that you’ve probably never experienced with your local computer network:
  1. Cost Savings - Enjoy a 21 to 67% savings over your traditional local computer network.
  2. Remote Accessibility - Access any time of day, using any device, from anywhere in the world.
  3. 95.7% of Computer Problems Instantly Vanish
  4. All Future Upgrades Included - This means you never need to budget for upgrading your local computers and servers again.
  5. “Pay As You Go” Utility Pricing - This means you never have to purchase servers and network equipment for plan for the extra performance loads you might experience in the future. Instead, only pay for what you need and if you need more next month, then you’ll only pay for what you need that month also. It’s just like paying your electrical or natural gas bill each month.
  6. Increased Security and Compliance - This means you’ll enjoy more cyber-security that you have now.
  7. Premium Backups - Backups every 15 minutes, synchronized in multiple locations and restores tested monthly.
  8. 99.9% Uptime
  9. Scale & Deploy Quickly - Easily hire remote workers, open remote branch offices. Have these new employees up and running in minutes.
  10. Opex vs. Capex - A hosted computer network is a monthly operational expense that you can write-off immediately versus when you purchase your own computer network you have to depreciate it over 3 to 5 years.
  11. High Performance - Your private hosted computer network in our cloud will run on some of Intel’s fastest processors, fastest RAM memory and fastest SSD drives (solid-state hard drives).
  12. Unlimited user support with a 24x7 help desk.
Enjoy Increased Cyber-Security When You Move Your Business to the Cloud Computer Cloud Network makes it easy to move your business applications, email and data to the cloud and keep them more secure than the traditional way of running them on your own equipment. Computer Cloud Network includes 6 key cyber-security protections that are automatically built-in to every private business cloud network that we help create and host.
  1. Next Generation Firewalls
  2. Next Generation End-Point Protection
  3. Web browsing protection
  4. Daily Scans of every device on our systems for over 69,000 Known Vulnerabilities to Hackers
  5. Multi-Factor Authentication on all user logins
  6. Backups every 15 minutes and stored in multiple locations

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