Email Archiving

Ensure your email is an asset

As e-discovery regulations become more and more strict, it’s necessary for businesses like yours to have an email archiving solution in place.

With Email Archiving Services from Computer Cloud Network, you get a fully-managed email solution that’s based in the cloud, so not only do you get the freedom and savings that come with hosted technology, but also the peace of mind to stop worrying about compliance and focus on your business.

Email Archiving Services from Computer Cloud Network give you the power to simplify your mailbox management, lower your email storage expenditures, meet compliance regulations and quickly find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Email Archiving Services from Computer Cloud Network allow you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate with Outlook - for easier mailbox management and simplified storage
  • Find what you need fast - search for and retrieve messages in seconds
  • Save on storage - there are no upfront licensing or hardware expenditures
  • Stay compliant - with industry and regulatory mandates for data remediation
  • Transfer your data to the cloud - where your archives are unlimited and you can eliminate the hassle of on-site storage

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